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Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

Our services are tailored to meet the unique accounting and bookkeeping needs of businesses across various industries. We do not provide year-end tax filing services as we are not a CPA firm. Your year-end tax accountant can help you review veterinary bookkeeping your books during tax season. Our crew diligently takes the effort to comprehend your veterinary practice, address your inquiries, assist you in linking your accounts, and demonstrate how Accracy can streamline your bookkeeping tasks.

Bookkeeping Services for Veterinarians

From our offices in Milwaukee, Madison and Brookfield we primarily serve businesses located in and around Milwaukee, Dane, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties. For example, suppose you want an account to measure vaccination revenue (category 5001 in the AAHA/VMG chart). In that case, you need a COGS partner account to record the cost of the vaccinations you purchased (6001). Having paired COGS accounts allows a quick review of income to expenses in every category and shows which areas generate gross profit.

Catch-Up Bookkeeping

One veterinary clinic, for instance, increased its profitability by switching to a cloud-based accounting system that improved financial data accessibility and accuracy. For any veterinary practice, a sound budget serves as a roadmap to financial success. Utilizing a standard chart of accounts and incorporating historical income and expenditure data can establish a structured starting point for creating a veterinary practice budget. Wave farewell to stacks of veterinary bills and the hassle of manual record keeping—we automate entries directly from your connected accounts. Professional help managing your books lets you focus on delivering the very best services to your clients.

Modern Bookkeeping: Going Digital

Our clients and patients rely on us to stay in business, and that requires healthy finances. Both accountants and bookkeepers work to maintain accurate records of finances, and sometimes the terms are used interchangeably. Generally, bookkeepers focus on administrative tasks, such as completing payroll and recording incoming and outgoing finances. Accountants help businesses understand the bigger picture of their financial situation.

Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

Having too few accounts makes measuring your performance in detail difficult. But having too many can present a challenge of where to record the costs. Are ketamine income and expenses under “Anesthesia” (5600 and 6600), “Medication” (5105 and 6105) or “Injection” (5110 and 6110)? Ketamine could fit in any of those categories, so choose the one that makes sense. If you don’t provide CT or MRI services, you can eliminate accounts 6405 and 6415 (and the paired income accounts 5405 and 5415). Or you might decide to use only the “Imaging” parent accounts (5400 and 6400), which is perfectly fine.

Like many other business sectors, veterinary accounting has also been revolutionized by technology. Cloud-based accounting systems eliminate the need for complex installations, hardware upgrades, and ongoing maintenance, reducing time and cost investments. Our team of experts is well-versed in the financial nuances of the veterinary industry and will tailor their approach to suit your practice’s specific needs.

AAHA Urges Individualized Fluid Therapy Plans

Double-entry bookkeeping records all transactions twice, usually a debit and a credit entry. Typically, double-entry bookkeeping uses accrual accounting for liabilities, equities, assets, expenses and revenue. Another popular option is Xero, but there are plenty of bookkeeping apps to choose from.

Bookkeeping for Veterinarians

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Coursera’s editorial team is comprised of highly experienced professional editors, writers, and fact… Certifications aren’t necessary to become a bookkeeper but can signal to employers that you have the training and knowledge to meet industry standards. After you have a few years of experience, you can earn the Certified Bookkeeper designation from the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers by passing a series of exams. While it’s not always necessary to have a degree, some companies will look for candidates with coursework in accounting. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median salary for bookkeepers in the US is $45,860 per year as of 2021 [1]. You can sometimes choose between full-time and part-time positions, and you may go to work in an office or work from home.

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Benefit from strategic insights, financial planning, and a level of guidance that propels your business towards sustainable success. At Accracy, we operate as a fully remote team, delivering our bookkeeping and accounting services online. We have the necessary tools and systems in place to work efficiently and securely from our remote locations. We will coordinate and collaborate with your onsite team to ensure smooth communication and workflow integration. Accracy can support a wide range of companies, from small businesses and startups to large public corporations.

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