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The objective of the game is to pop balloons using the Wii Remote. There are various modes including Story Mode, Puzzle Mode, and VS CPU mode. The Nintendo DS version of the game was released on October 23, 2009. Brain Challenge is a mental exercise video game, featuring “brain exercise puzzles”. The game was developed by Gameloft Beijing for mobile phone and iPod and released on September 5, 2007. In 2008 was followed by a Nintendo DS version on January 8, an Xbox Live Arcade release on March 12, and a PlayStation 3 launch on November 27.

Bejeweled 3 features eight game modes, four of which are available from the start, and four of which are unlocked after reaching certain objectives. Unlike Bejeweled 2, the difficulty for unlocking each game mode has been reduced drastically and the objective for unlocking each game is now displayed directly on the menu. Bejeweled 2 has many modes of gameplay, which can be unlocked by fulfilling few criteria. You must complete playing the other four modes to qualify for Twilight, Hyper, Cognito, and Finity Original modes.

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That said, some complain about the performance and ease of installation. There is no time limit but you can deposit 5 play with 25 casino site get a game over if you have no more moves. Arcade plays as a combined the gameplay rules of Action and Classic, except the TIME bar retracts and does not stop when a move is not made. The player must make matches to fill level bar but time bar can’t replenish like in Action mode, the level bar must be filled completely to complete a level before TIME bar become empty completely. For example, while it has plenty of game modes , it doesn’t have the newer Blitz mode.

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Furthermore the game is available to play on Facebook too and it offers unique weekly challenges, allows the players to win the competitions and enjoy topping the leaderboards. With all the blasting action and incredible power-ups, crazy boosts and all the brilliant graphics, plus the thrilling gameplay, Diamond Dash is quite a fantastic Match-3 Puzzle video game to play and enjoy. Jewels Star is a marvelous Match-3 Puzzle video game that takes you to an amazing night sky environment and provides with an addicting and quite engaging game-play. Just like a traditional Match-3 puzzle game, you match-up the same type of jewels hanging on a starry sky until all the board is cleared and the big “Jewels Star” appears. Jewels Star reaches to the last line and the level completes. The game provides with more than 350 exciting levels, 8 beautiful themes, colorful backgrounds, a lot of amazing power-ups and easy swipe controls along with crystal clean graphics.

It’s a mini-map that displays all the worlds of Puzzle mode. Promotional render of the Blue, Orange and Green gems from a later DRM screen of Bejeweled Deluxe. In Alchemy, different colored variations of the green gem appear as stage markers. SkyGems are type of gems from Bejeweled Stars which are used to make Powers or items in the PowerLab. In the Palm OS version of Bejeweled 2, the Blue Gem also is referred to as the [Diamond/Sapphire] from the code.

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Arcade gamers must beat the clock under a time limit to progress though the levels — it’s harder than it sounds. This mode forces you to think two to three steps ahead to nail power gems and hyper cubes to beat the relentless clock. And finally, there is good ol’ Endless mode, which gives you the excuse to never stop at all.

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In those blank spaces, the other jewels tremble down to fill up the space and form a new arrangement of coloured gems. The cycle of arrangement and disappearance goes on in Bejeweled 2. A colourful board full of different colours can keep you glued to the device for the whole day.

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The game is quite fast-paced so it’s totally on you to stop the marbles from reaching to the center. If any marble reaches to the center and falls in the hole, the game is over. With a lot of exciting power-ups, beautiful visuals and an immersive game-play, Magnetica offers quite a unique and addictive game-play experience. If you love playing match-3 type of puzzle games, you should totally try Magnetica, it’ll definitely entertain you good. Bubble Mania from Storm8 Studios, is another cool Puzzle, Match-3 video game.