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Hurricanes Can Cause Unpredictable And Extensive Property Damage

Hurricanes are unpredictable storms that are measured in categories one through five, with the latter being the most destructive. Although meteorologists track these storms to prepare the general public for their landfall, the effects of a hurricane may be incredibly severe and damage every area of your property from the moment they form. From dangerously […]

How To Process a HOA And Condo Association Insurance Claims

commercial roof damage

As a manager for a homeowners or condo owners association, it is critical that you understand the terminology and specifics of the technical insurance plans meant to protect the building and the association. Insurance companies find it easier – and less expensive – to avoid payment than it is to issue a check for damages. […]

What Is Hail and Why Does It Cause Extensive Damage?

Hail is a type of precipitation made up of solid ice with diameters ranging from 1/5 inch to more than 5 inches, and it can inflict damage to structures, boats, vehicles, decks, swimming pools, trees, and landscaping. The shape and form of hail is damaging on its own, but the real culprit may be the […]