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Cast iron pipe damage claims

The plumbing systems in many older homes in the United States, notably those in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, are made of cast iron, a form of piping that was frequently installed in houses before 1970. Despite the claim that these pipes should last 80 to 100 years, cast iron pipe failure is becoming a common occurrence among American households. Premature corrosion is causing failure rates to happen decades earlier than expected. Cast iron pipes that are not working properly can cause drain backups, slow drains, severe leaks, and high repair expenses.

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cast iron pipe leak
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Due to this problem, numerous property owners have turned to their insurance providers in order to file insurance claims for cast iron pipe failure and replacement. Unfortunately, some insurance providers have acted in bad faith by improperly rejecting claims or underpaying their policyholders, which has made the process of getting reimbursed for the cost of replacing cast iron problematic.

Our public insurance adjusters at Indemnify are committed to making sure that homeowners may get the money they are due in order to replace the piping in their houses and repair additional cast iron damage.

Our public adjusters can assess the damage to your cast iron pipes and look into your claim if you are having trouble getting a fair settlement from your insurance provider.


Cast iron pipes were the popular piping technology for much of the 20th century because of its affordable materials and long predicted lifespan, even though the majority of homes constructed now use PVC pipes for their water systems.

But it’s believed that 76 million American homes built before 1970 have cast iron pipes, and a startling number of these houses have cast iron plumbing damage that has already occurred or is about to occur.

For example, some Florida, Texas, & Louisiana homes are noticing signs of cast iron pipes failing after only a few decades, which is made worse by the state’s high humidity and salt-rich soil.

To function effectively, all home’s interior systems require routine maintenance and repair. On the other hand, if a system breaks down far earlier than it should, homeowners may be forced to pay thousands of dollars in property damage.

Cast iron pipe failure is mostly caused by corrosion, or the piping’s gradual deterioration. Pipelines could split, leak, or even collapse due to corrosion, whether internal or external. This can lead to substantial leaks both within and outside the building, as well as persistent pipe obstruction, damage, and failure.

Examples of cast iron pipes that need replacement

There are signs that you can look for to determine whether your pipes need to be replaced such as:

Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Cast Iron Pipes?

Due to the significant costs associated with replacing cast iron damage, insurance companies may seek to undervalue or wrongfully deny claims for pipe failure, which puts homeowners who lack the resources to cover out-of-pocket costs in an unfair and demanding scenario.

By law, insurance companies must explain why they choose to offer certain types of coverage and how they arrived at those judgments. Investigations of claims that policyholders dispute are also necessary.

Common reasons why insurers might deny homeowners insurance claims include:

Having an Indemnify Public Adjuster take a video of the damage is the quickest and most professional approach to assess the damage and save extra costly repairs. By passing a sewage camera via your pipes, you can accomplish this. It is the least invasive and paints the most accurate image of your situation and how to improve it.

Indemnify has been in business since some of the original cast iron pipes started to corrode and ruin homes in Southern areas including Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

In Florida, Texas, and Louisiana, we have handled thousands of cast iron pipe claims and compensated them. Make a call to Indemnify now!