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Sinkhole damage

A constantly evolving aspect of insurance is sinkhole claims. 2011 saw the implementation of new sinkhole legislation, which fundamentally altered the way Florida handles sinkhole claims. It’s especially harder to refute these kinds of allegations because the Florida Supreme Court is still working out the specifics of some recent legislation. The insurance company will have professionals working diligently on their side to ensure that their rights are preserved, therefore you want to make sure that your rights are also safeguarded. The insurance firm will consult engineers and geologists in order to assess whether a sinkhole actually formed. The insurance company may bring in additional specialists as the claim develops. It happens far too frequently for a homeowner to be unaware of the procedure or to be unable to interpret the reports of the specialists. Additionally, the insurance provider can consent to sinkhole activity but reject coverage for damages above ground.

Signs of a sinkhole:

I think I have a sinkhole in my yard. What should I do?

Indemnify will work with a qualified professional geologist with training in sinkhole activity who is inspecting a piece of property may be able to detect the presence of a sinkhole. The issue arises when a building is constructed on land where a sinkhole has not yet formed. A sinkhole can develop later and cause harm to the property. It is sometimes feasible to conduct geological testing on a piece of property and determine the likelihood that sinkholes may emerge.

Claims Process of a Sinkhole Loss

It may take the structural engineer up to six weeks to complete the necessary tests to establish the severity of the sinkhole scenario before they can submit the report to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier will then get in touch with you to go over the report’s details and provide you a copy. If the sinkhole region is tested by a geologist, it can take the insurance provider an additional two months to get the results and give it to you. According to Florida law, if a sinkhole has caused structural damage to your house, repairs must start within 90 days of being informed of the damage. The repairs must then be finished within a year.

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