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Origins of polybutylene problems?

A popular form of plumbing pipe in the 1970s to 1990s was polybutylene, which is manufactured of plastic resin. Both professionals and DIYers may easily install the polybutylene pipes because to the material’s incredibly low cost.

Because of how delicate they are, they gradually went out of style. The fact that they couldn’t withstand various chemicals and materials, especially those found in public water systems, quickly became apparent, even though at first they seemed like a good replacement for harder pipes, such copper ones, The brittleness and cracking of polybutylene pipes over time causes leaks and exorbitant repair costs.

What are your options if you have  polybutylene pipes?

Start with the most straightforward response, “no.” Polybutylene pipes are typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Since polybutylene pipes are thought to be too prone to rupture and cause damage, the majority of homeowners insurance companies don’t cover them. If you try to make a claim after your polybutylene pipes break, there’s a good chance your insurance company may reject it.

There are always exceptions, though. When you purchase homeowners insurance, an insurance agent usually visits your house to evaluate the condition of the structure and its constituent parts. They will note this and typically let you know that these pipes aren’t covered if your plumbing system employs polybutylene pipes.

What should you do if you have polybutylene pipes

If the pipes in your plumbing system are composed of polybutylene, failure is only a question of time. You won’t get any help from your homeowners insurance, and you’ll have to take care of high cleanup charges and plumbing issues all by yourself.

But now is the perfect moment to ask Indemnify about the coverage options available to your property. While companies are ready to deny coverage, Indemnify will assess the coverage of your insurance policy to produce the highest quality settlement.

PB pipes claims and Florida & Texas insurance companies

If your Florida or Texas property has not been re-piped, you will have a very difficult time receiving homeowners insurance for claims involving water damage due of the potential risk of PB pipes.

Property insurance companies would prefer not to insure homes with PB pipe because of its troublesome past. For plans that do cover PB pipe failures, they either charge more or refuse to cover them at all.

If your Polybutylene pipes in your home caused water damage and your insurance company has denied your claim, you need a skilled public adjuster to evaluate the scope of your insurance policy’s coverage and act as your representative.

Florida Indemnify Public Adjusters can help with polybutylene pipes claims 

Polybutylene pipes will eventually experience issues that cause water damage. You have two choices as a homeowner: look for a coverage that covers the pipes or replace the pipes. Even though the second alternative is more expensive, it is still much less expensive than handling a water damage issue without the aid of your homeowners insurance.

We at Indemnify are aware of the destruction that water damage can create and would prefer that you not have to handle it on your own. Give us a call if you are concerned that you may have polybutylene pipes. We may examine your system and make recommendations for improvement. We are prepared to assist.