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Blasting damage claims in Florida

If blasts from a nearby quarry regularly tremble your house, it’s possible that the blasts are to blame for any cracks you’ve noticed in the interior or exterior walls and ceilings. Having your house inspected by professionals is the only way to know if it was harmed by quarry blasting. With no cost to you, our team of specialists at Indemnify will examine your house to find out what is causing the cracking. If you can feel the blast, so can your house. We have proven that blasts can cause cracking miles away from a structure.

What are quarries?

Quarries use explosives to break rock, but some of the energy escapes during the blast. Some of that energy escapes into the atmosphere to generate air-blasts or air vibrations, while the remainder of the energy leaves the blast site through the surface soil and limestone in the form of ground vibrations. Repeated exposure to these vibrations damage structures. If you can feel the vibrations from the explosions, then the vibrations could be powerful enough to damage your structure – even if the quarries are miles away from your home or business.

Examples of blasting damage include:

Most homeowners and business owners insurance policies provide coverage for cracking damage caused by blasting. If you believe your home or business may have been damaged as a result of blasting, then contact Indemnify for a free evaluation.


What are the costs associated to blasting damage?

If the principle of strict or absolute liability is applied to blasting, the owner may be entitled to compensation without having to demonstrate negligence; rather, the owner may do so by demonstrating that the blasting was the direct cause of any harm. Therefore, where strict liability is charged, it is likely that it will not matter whether the contractor violated a duty of care whether they are found to be guilty in the case. As a result, regardless of whether the claim is for strict responsibility or negligence, the contractor’s defense will center on challenging causation and damages. You won’t incur any charges or out-of-pocket expenses. The insurance company pays our fees and costs in the majority of our cases if we reach a settlement. We’ll work for no pay if there is no settlement.

Florida & Texas blasting damage claims

You have Indemnify on your side. In order to assist you in submitting a claim for appropriate compensation, a public adjuster can offer a reasonable estimate of the damages. The experts at Indemnify are prepared to comprehend the harm that blasting vibrations can cause. To find out if blasting is to blame, property owners and business owners should get in touch with Indemnify’s qualified adjusters.

Florida & Texas blasting damage public adjusters 

Florida & Texas residents who live close to quarries have long complained about the structural harm to their homes, but South Florida residents have it particularly tough.

Although we might be able to assist any homeowner who has an insurance coverage, cracking damage, and can sense blasting at their property. We are aware of damage to residences in the following zip codes that are close to the following quarry.