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Residential Property Claims

Residential claims are stressful for a family. A family’s home provides a secure setting for all members of the family. It is where a family can return after a busy day at work or school, looking forward to unwinding from their stressful routine. The entire balance of the family unit is thrown off its equilibrium when water, mold, fire, theft or storm damage occur.

The ramifications can be felt at work, school, and any other location where family members go when they are not at home. That is why Indemnify takes residential property damage so seriously. We understand that home must continue to be a secure sanctuary for the entire family.

Effects of home damages:

Restoring your home and peace of mind

Typical water damage, such as a leak under the kitchen sink, can appear minor but have a huge impact on a household. Mold spores grow in the moisture that collects under the kitchen baseboards, spreading to the wall and the rest of the cabinets, causing an unpleasant and toxic odor to pervade the space. Because the spores are airborne, it is difficult to breathe or even stay in a room. Adults and toddlers alike start to complain about “simply not feeling right.” A persistent cough may develop at night, along with a loss of appetite.

The odor will not go away no matter how much bleach or home cleansers are employed. The reason for this is that mold has started to grow beneath and within the wooden boards, and no amount of cleaning will be able to remove the mold and restore the cabinets to their previous state. This minor water damage is an excellent example of how conditions may gradually alter the home’s safety.

Indemnify understands the severity of these water damage losses and will fight for a financial reward to replace your whole kitchen. What may appear to the homeowner to be inconsequential at the time can have severe consequences over time.

We recommend calling Indemnify to come down and assess the damage, no matter how tiny, because most policies have a clause that requires an insurance loss to be reported immediately. Our Public Adjusters have moisture meters on hand to find any moisture in your home and advise you on how to make it a “sanctuary” once more.