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We Know Hurricane Damage Claims in Florida, Texas, & Louisiana

Indemnify public adjusters have firsthand knowledge with hurricanes and other sorts of storm claims. Whether it’s a home being struck by lightning, a palm tree falling through a roof, or a whole neighborhood missing roofs, we’ve helped clients in all of these and hundreds of other scenarios in the past.

missing shingles from storm
fallen tree after hurricane
hurricane damage to shed

We would gladly assist you in any way we can, from sending you to the appropriate business to have your roof tarped to discussing your choices for replacing your lost goods. We have witnessed numerous natural catastrophes and understand that it is not something that anyone can become accustomed to or deal with on their own. There is typically a lot of damage in a storm loss, therefore an expert is essential to ensure that the insurance company performs all of its duties as promptly and equitably as possible.

Unfortunately, hurricanes, tornadoes, wind storms, tropical Rainstorms, and lightning storms are always a threat. Before a hurricane or storm hits, the most helpful steps a property owner can take to ensure that he will be reimbursed for any resulting damages are to take photographs of the various rooms in our home, as well as our personal and commercial property, prior to the storm damage to document evidence of our home’s condition.

Stay Safe with These Hurricane Preparedness Steps

A hurricane claim has a lot of different aspects that need to be handled professionally. Remember that a hurricane is often a disaster that affects tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people. Homeowners, business owners, and condominium owners are all in a panic, attempting to have their losses and claims handled first. Aside from the horrific situations, not understanding how to deal with them makes things worse. A horror in the making.

Who can you count on to pick up the pieces after major storm damage? In order to file an insurance claim, you’ll need an exact assessment of your property damage. Begin with a complimentary inspection from Indemnify.

You won’t have to worry about anything because there are no out-of-pocket or upfront costs. We make sure you obtain the most money for your hurricane damage.

Storm Damage Claims in Florida, Texas, & Louisiana

Storm damage is an undesirable but inevitable event in the south states of Florida, Texas, & Louisiana. In reality, homes will never be able to completely avoid storm damage. Certain measures must be taken against storms that are common. As a homeowner in any region, you are well aware that storm damage may cost hundreds, if not millions of dollars.

The first thing you’ll want to do if you’re caught in a storm is make sure you and your family are safe. Ensure that your lawn furniture, as well as your vehicle, is stored in your garage(s). ‘Falling items’ is the most prevalent type of wind damage, such as when a tree falls on your house.

More than a quarter of all homeowners have filed storm damage claims with their insurance providers. Using a public adjuster might be the difference between accepting whatever your insurance company offers and obtaining the full amount required to pay the damage.

You may also experience damage such as:

How to make the most of your storm damage insurance claim

Every year, violent storms pound the U.S., leaving homeowners and business owners with the task of removing debris from their properties and planning for repairs. Storm damage may range in intensity, from strong winds that can collapse trees to golf ball-sized hail that can dent your car, shatter your skylight, and cause other problems.

Repair estimates for hurricanes or storm damage can be expensive. Fortunately, Indemnify will assist you in filing your insurance claim. The skilled public adjusters at Indemnify are used to dealing with insurance companies. It’s critical to follow certain actions after a storm to ensure that you get the most out of your insurance claim.