Fire damage claims

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Indemnify will request a reappraisal of the claim if the insurance company has made a lower initial offer than anticipated.


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Fire damage claims

One of the most terrifying experiences a person can have is dealing with a fire. Regardless of how many preparations we take, it is an occurrence that occurs by chance, is terrifying, and completely unexpected.

These are only a few of the contractual obligations that your insurance company must meet in accordance with your insurance policy. They need to put things right for you. It wasn’t quite as good as before the fire, but it was close.

Even a mildly burned kitchen, where only a little piece of cabinet has been damaged in a stove top fire, meets your policy’s requirements for claiming a fire loss and having your kitchen replaced. Each sort of loss is expressly mentioned in the charge of premiums in your policy. Investing in insurance coverage puts you, the insured, in a position to get your damage repaired and your home restored to its pre-loss state.

Remember, whether it’s a fire caused by neglecting to fry French fries, a toddler knocking over a candle, or holiday lights causing an electrical fire, these are all actions of God, and no one is to blame.

Indemnify is here to assist you with your insurance carrier and their representatives’ requests for documents of all your personal property and arrange another location to occupy if necessary.

We are happy to be of assistance in any way possible since the victims of a fire claim have specific and delicate needs. Because flames produce thick black smoke that spreads quickly from one room to another, the most important thing to remember is to alert everyone in the house to evacuate immediately. Your insurance company can and will replace your home and belongings, but no amount of money or assets can compensate for the loss or injury of a loved one.

Get Back to Your Normal Routine
At this important juncture, Indemnify will represent you, the homeowner, and ensure that your insurance company is attentive to and aware of your demands. We’ll help you relocate temporarily, secure your property in its current state, and have an insurance agent come out as quickly as possible to inspect the damage and start the claim process to get you back in your house.

Electrical surge

When a large amount of electricity enters a home or structure, it is called a power surge. Because most buildings’ electric voltage is less than 120 volts, this rapid discharge of electricity is frightening. Anything connected into the wall’s electric socket at the moment of the surge might be damaged. Air conditioners, computers, washers and dryers, and even your complete living room entertainment system might be harmed by this enormous voltage increase. A power surge can be produced by a number of things.

There are 3 major causes of power surges.
A power surge can happen in various ways and impact your home or business with different levels of force. If you live in Florida’s Gulf Coast, you may be used to seeing lightning quite often. In fact, many residents say that they’ve actually seen lightning strike close to where they have been standing.

How to handle electrical damage.

If your property has been destroyed by a lightning storm or an electrical disruption, the sooner you act, the sooner you will get your payout and be able to go on with your life. Your insurance claim will be assisted by a public adjuster, but you must act fast.

Do not:

✔ Remove any damaged equipment only after the damage has been verified by the insurance company.
✔ Replace or repair the damages before the insurance adjuster has examined them.
✔ Waste time


✔ Unplug any machines that have been impacted by the power outage.
✔ Make sure to photograph and videotape the damage.
✔ Make a list of any equipment or devices that have been damaged.
✔ Contact Indemnify to start the claims process.

When a storm rolls through and causes property damage, a public adjuster can help you sift through the details in your insurance policy. When you find yourself on the receiving end of a storm surge, contact the team of professionals at Indemnify. We’ll come over and inspect your damage. When you rely on Indemnify, you’re getting peace of mind.

What is a power surge?
A power surge, also known as transient voltage, is an unintentional rise in voltage that can harm, impair, or destroy sensitive electronic equipment in your home or office.

Surges are generated within a facility 60-80% of the time, such as when major appliances like air conditioners switch on and off. During power grid switching, surges can also come from the electric utility provider. Finally, lightning can generate the most violent surges.

It might be harmful if the voltage rises over the device’s designed operating voltage. An arc of electrical current can form when there is too much voltage, which creates heat and damages electrical components. Surges of a small magnitude can damage your electronic equipment over time, shortening the life of the electronics and electronics involved.

Point of surge protection
Surge protectors only protect directly plugged-in equipment from most electrical surges. It diverts a rush to the ground rather than suppressing or arresting it. Use surge protection with a light that indicates when it needs to be replaced.

A direct lightning strike will destroy any surge protector. If you believe a surge is imminent, the best surge prevention is to disconnect items from the wall. If you suffer loss or damage as a result of a power surge, contact Indemnify.