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Ready to reappraise your  past claim?

What most people are unaware of is that you have the ability to ask for a reassessment of your claim if you previously submitted an insurance claim and weren’t happy with the amount your insurance company paid you. For years, Indemnify Public Adjusters has aggressively negotiated valuations on behalf of insured people just like you. Even if the claim was filed five years ago, our clients are often surprised by the size of the award we are able to secure for them.

Nothing to lose

In order to ensure you are getting what is promised, just like with any other business transaction you could be thinking about, you search for expert counsel while keeping your interests in mind. The same is true of the contract you enter into with your insurance company when you buy a policy.

Your insurance firm, like any other commercial operation, anticipates a profit for the year rather than a loss. Don’t be the one who increases their revenue. Request a reappraisal and have Century Public Adjusters analyze your case.

You only stand to gain—you have nothing to lose!

Everyone is treated like a client

Any questions you have are always welcome to be discussed with Indemnify. You don’t have to hire us in order to receive sound advice—our slogan is “Everyone is treated like a customer.” So call us or send us an email. We are excited to be of assistance!

Denied a Claim?

If the claim was previously denied, revisiting the case and proposing a re-evaluation of the insurance provisions and terms is not an issue.


Too Low of an offer?

Indemnify will request a reappraisal of the claim if the insurance company has made a lower initial offer than anticipated.