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A property owner is never pleased to get a rejection letter in response to a loss. The cost of policy premiums is rising yearly, they have huge deductibles, and they are quite expensive. One of our biggest overhead costs is the insurance we have on our properties. We acquire our insurance agreement policy in good faith, anticipating that our insurance provider will compensate us if we experience a loss and provide a “fair claims settlement.”

Don’t give up on your claim

An industry of this size and fortune should handle its policyholders with decency and candor, in our opinion. After all, we have a legitimate contract with them. We anticipate them to honor a valid claim by paying it.

How frequently do most owners of homes or businesses really submit claims? Once in a lifetime or twice?

The refusal letter is undoubtedly surprising when it is received. Frequently, no comprehensible justification for the refusal is offered.

We will fight for your settlement

Indemnify is willing to examine your case and go over your letter of denial in order to determine the best line of action. We have dealt with several denials and were able to obtain the money the insured was hoping for. A denial will almost always be honored. the majority of the time with more money than the property owner ever anticipated.

So join the rest of our customers that utilize Indemnify and offer yourself another chance to file your claim and obtain your just payment. There is definitely nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Denied a Claim?

If the claim was previously denied, revisiting the case and proposing a re-evaluation of the insurance provisions and terms is not an issue.


Too Low of an offer?

Indemnify will request a reappraisal of the claim if the insurance company has made a lower initial offer than anticipated.