Start a new claim

Start a new claim

Getting ready to launch a new claim?

Indemnify wants you to be familiar with “The Insurance Claim Process” and know what to anticipate at the beginning, middle, and end of your claim. They also want you to feel confident that you have entrusted your claim to expert representation and that there won’t be any surprises along the way. Till you receive your proper financial award settlement, we will help you along the way with your claim.

1Only a phone call away

No loss is too little, our examination is free, and we are delighted to provide you advice on everything you need. All you have to do is make that first phone contact. You won’t be charged to have a public adjuster visit your home or place of business because they are certified and bonded. In order to get you the biggest payment possible, he will look over your insurance policy, talk to you about your loss, and start taking down all the facts needed to build a specialist “insurance industry estimate, using the latest paid rates in the current market.”

Basic inquiries will be posed to you by your individual public adjuster. When did you first notice the loss? Tell us the date. What led to the loss? (a broken pipe, heavy rains etc.) What actions did you take right away to try to stop the loss from causing more harm to your house or place of business?

Some of the straightforward measures and responses that your insurance expects include turning off your main water connection and covering the opening on your roof with a tarp.

2Your Damage evaluation

To make sure you understand the time and details of the incident, your Public Adjuster will go over these inquiries with you. He will ask you to gather any reports, invoices, receipts, service bills from plumbers or handymen, as well as any payments you may have made for any items you may have bought to repair the damage yourself.

He will notify your insurance company of your claim and obtain a claim number to begin the insurance claim procedure as soon as feasible.

A meeting will be scheduled with you at your place of business or residence by your public adjuster with the insurance company representative that was designated (at your convenience as quickly as possible.) The damage will be inspected by both adjusters, who will then share details about the severity of your loss.

3Cooperating with your insurance company

The date and initial cause of the loss may be topics for discussion by the insurance claims representative. These are the same inquiries that your public adjuster has already made and gone through with you. If you have any questions, your public adjuster will be there to answer them for you and guide you through the procedure.

The adjuster representative from your insurance carrier will be contacted by Indemnify, and the two parties will exchange estimates. These estimates will contain detailed assessments of the cost to reconstruct your house as well as inventories of any damaged personal property. It will always be in your advantage because Indemnify has more than 10 years of experience representing insurance claims and has a stellar reputation with them.

The insurance company has a protocol that all claims must follow. Since your claim needs to be examined by several adjusters at the insurance company, there is a delay between the initial meeting between your adjuster and the insurance company representative and the issuance of a check. After an agreement is made, a payment is asked, which must then be processed before being printed and shipped to the insured in check form.

4Covering the basics

If a third party reevaluation results in an extra payment, we shall seek to be paid the amount specified in the check.

For instance, if Indemnify Public Adjusters determined the value of your claim to be $75,000 and your insurance company made an offer of $60,000, we would request that they issue the original offer, known as “the undisputed amount,” right away while we proceed with the claim procedure in accordance with the policy provision that states that you, as the insured, have the right to have the claim “disputed” and appraised by a neutral third party because you believe the full value of the loss was not covered.

Indemnify In order to obtain the full monetary settlement you have been waiting for and deserve, public adjusters will then meet with or negotiate with the new third party representative from your insurance carrier.

Denied a Claim?

If the claim was previously denied, revisiting the case and proposing a re-evaluation of the insurance provisions and terms is not an issue.


Too Low of an offer?

Indemnify will request a reappraisal of the claim if the insurance company has made a lower initial offer than anticipated.