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Hail Damage

Claim Amount: $41,499.07
Claim Type: New Claim

“Jesse Tabango, of Indemnify LLC, is a true professional as a public adjuster. He exceeded our expectations, for the concerns, my husband and I,

had regarding a leaking roof in our home. Jesse, demonstrated outstanding expertise in thoroughly examining and providing a prompt diagnosis for the affected areas of the roof. Additionally, Jesse Tabango secured reputable and dependable personnel (legal & commercial) to help resolve the issues with our roof. His advice on the procedure to file a homeowner insurance claim was extremely beneficial and resulted in a substantial settlement. We highly recommend Jesse Tabango and Indemnify LLC. The highest quality and personal satisfaction will be provided for all of your home and property concerns.

Sincerely Submitted By,
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew & Doris Anderson

Tallahassee, Florida