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Hurricane Damage

Claim Amount: $48,754.72
Claim Type: New Claim

“Throughout this whole pandemic, I’ve been working from home…

and started to notice all the issues my home has. The main thing I was worried about was the mold. I was terrified that my kids and I would get sick. I started speaking to a friend of mine where they referred Mr. Jesse Tabango. They spoke so highly of him that I thought it was too good to be true. However, they were right. Jesse has been nothing but absolutely sweet and professional in every way. He took all my worries away when I was stressed and assured me, he would handle everything with my insurance company. This was my first claim as a homeowner, and I was incredibly clueless about where to start. During the whole process, Jesse was amazing at communicating with me and constantly breaking things down so I could understand, he reviewed all my documents with me and gave me good advice for the future. My insurance company offered almost nothing at first, but Jesse was determined. We were able to settle my claim for a much higher amount than my insurance company originally offered. I was able to get all the repairs done in my home with ease. Jesse is extremely professional and treated me like family every step of the way. I’m more than satisfied with the outcome of everything. I highly recommend his services to anyone that needs help. I would recommend Indemnify to my friends and family!”

Marvin Charrys
Miami, FL