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Roof Damage

Claim Amount: $157,000.00
Claim Type: New Claim

“Earlier last year, I had a roof leak. I filed a claim with my insurance company…

and they sent me such small checks. I was upset because I have paid so much for insurance only to be given almost nothing in return. The checks were not even close enough to repair all the damages my home had. I didn’t know what to do. My friend recommended Indemnify. I decided to hire the company because I have nothing else to lose and honestly. I was surprised. They represented me and did such an amazing job. While doing the insurance claim alone I was so stressed, however, Indemnify was able to reassure me. They took all the weight off my shoulders and all I had to do was give them patience while they worked. Brittney and Jesse were super responsive and knowledgeable. They knew the answers to all my questions and concerns. They were even able to educate me on my policies so I know better next time. I’m so happy with the results and how everything came out. Because of this company, I was able to fix the issues in my home without paying anything out of pocket. I can’t recommend this company enough. If the insurance company can hire their own adjusters, why shouldn’t we? Now that I know better, I will never go against them without Indemnify.

Rami Okab
Margate, FL