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Hurricane Damage

Claim Amount: $106,223.18
Claim Type: New Claim

“After Hurricane Sally came through Pensacola Florida, Indemnify was referred to me, by a newly established mutual contact,

From the first introduction call, his attention to personal interaction was comforting. I lived out of state and felt overwhelmed from the start. heard of a Public Adjuster as a profession and expressed apprehension. Jesse’s kindness and willingness to listen to my frustration provided comfort. Jesse spoke at a level I could understand, and we agreed for him to review my insurance policy for each house. After he reviewed each policy, he educated me on the details of my coverage in a manner I could comprehend. I found myself trying to understand 3 policies, 3 companies and 3 levels of coverage. Nothing was simple, and I felt overwhelmed.
I gave permission for him to inspect each property for Hurricane Damage, which he provided me with a detailed report on each property, including pictures with estimated cost of repair. During the entire process he was forthcoming about what to expect and prepared me for the expected typical response from the Insurance Company, which I drew comfort from as his expectations were met.
Jesse copied me on each communication with the Insurance Company and made suggestions for Remediation/Mold inspections that were needed and covered by my insurance company. When the first response came, it was not enough to cover the roof. Jesse allowed me to delay paying his part, saying he knew the insurance company still owed more, and assured me he would pursue it.
I finally said I needed to meet this young man because I wanted to meet the person who had been comforting me for months. He took time out to share breakfast, which I so appreciated. In the end, after Jesse collects his fees, my part is more than 4x what I would have expected to collect without his expertise. I appreciate Jesse’s expertise regarding property and Insurance, but more than this, I appreciate his attention to me being a person and not a case.”

Susan Rivazfar
Pensacola, FL