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Hurricanes are unpredictable storms that are measured in categories one through five, with the latter being the most destructive.

Although meteorologists track these storms to prepare the general public for their landfall, the effects of a hurricane may be incredibly severe and damage every area of your property from the moment they form.

From dangerously strong winds to heavy rains, hurricanes can cause extensive damage to homes, businesses, and properties throughout the nation, including:

  • Blocked roadways
  • Broken windows
  • Collapsed roofs
  • Cracked home and building foundations
  • Damage from projectiles
  • Destruction of personal items inside the home, including appliances, furniture, and valuable
  • personal belongings
  • Fire damage from downed wires
  • Flooding
  • Loss of power and water
  • Moisture damage
  • Power line damage
  • Property damage to outdoor structures including swimming pools, sheds, and landscaping
  • Roof lifting, destruction of shingles, gutters, and siding
  • Structural damage to the home’s walls, porches, and outer buildings
  • Uprooted and toppled trees
  • Water damage
  • Wind damage


At Indemnify, LLC, our skilled hurricane public claim adjusters and consultants can help strengthen your coverage position by partnering with our integrated team of contractors and other experts to create the best solution available for getting your property back to where it was before the loss caused by the storm.


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