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Hail is a type of precipitation made up of solid ice with diameters ranging from 1/5 inch to more than 5 inches, and it can inflict damage to structures, boats, vehicles, decks, swimming pools, trees, and landscaping.

The shape and form of hail is damaging on its own, but the real culprit may be the speed in which it falls. According to The National Severe Storms Laboratory, larger hailstones can fall at over 100 mph, which can cause severe damage to anything in its path.

When your home receives significant hail damage during a storm, it may appear to be the worst thing that has ever happened… until you contact your insurance company. You purchased insurance. You pay for convenience. You were confident that they would appear. Instead, you were given the runaround. Indemnify, LLC is here to help. Our hail damage public adjusters and consultants work with an integrated team of contractors and other specialists to discover the best solution for restoring your property to its pre-loss condition.

Other significant hail damage can include:

  • Skylight damage
  • Broken windows
  • Siding damage, including chipping, holes, and cracking
  • Automobile damage,
     including dents in the body and cracks in the windows
  • Boat, RV, and motorcycle damage
  • Property damage, including trees, plants, swimming pools
    Exterior appliances, including HVAC units

Hail damage may not be as visible as other large-scale storm devastation, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, but it is no less significant. Knowing the amount of your property’s hail damage will help you identify the degree of the harm, so you can seek your insurance coverage for the necessary repairs or replacement costs as a home, business, or property owner.


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